There’s one thing you should know about Tammy Bernhardt right off the bat: she loves KU basketball. So much so, in fact, that she was injured over her Jayhawks. Somewhat. 

On Feb. 25, 2012 (painfully, she can recite the date as if it’s a birthday), the day that KU beat the University of Missouri in overtime during the last-ever conference game between the rivals (assuming they don’t end up in the same conference again one day), Tammy wanted to show her Jayhawk pride. So, while hanging her KU flag on the front of the Overland Park house she shares with her husband, she fell and broke her elbow. 

“That’s a day I’ll never forget now for numerous reasons, obviously,” she says. “But at least the Jayhawks won!”

Besides family, perhaps the only thing on this planet that Tammy loves more than KU basketball is the relationship she cultivates with people. Friends, co-workers, clients. 

“We’re like a family,” she says of her co-workers at The KW Team. “We strive to do what’s right – what’s best – for our clients and not what’s easiest. Our goal is to help our clients achieve their goals.”

Tammy has helped shape The KC Team’s philosophies and goals. “It’s never been about us,” she said. “It’s always about our clients. … Our reward is seeing their smile.”

Getting to Know Tammy:

1. My hero growing up was: My grandmother, Lois Tucker. She was very caring, always thinking about others. She always had a way to make people feel special.

2. Growing up I wanted to be: A teacher.

3. My first paying job was: Besides babysitting, I was a bus girl at Camille’s, a restaurant in Wichita, when I was 14 years old.

4. My favorite movie is: The Sound of Music.

5. Words of wisdom I try to live by are: Enjoy the Day

6. The one person in history I’d love to meet is:  Eleanor Roosevelt

7.  Things I Enjoy: Architecture, All Type of Homes, Decorating and Shopping, it’s the Perfect Combination